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The Craniofacial Center treats patients with conditions affecting the growing face and head, whether they occur before birth or are acquired after birth, such as from trauma or tumors. The most common conditions include cleft lip, cleft palate and craniosynostosis, which vary in severity and can dramatically affect appearance, communication, growth and development. The complex nature of craniofacial conditions requires well-coordinated and timely diagnosis, counseling and treatment that are provided by our multidisciplinary team of dedicated craniofacial specialists.

The Center has been caring for individuals with craniofacial differences since 1954 and is dedicated to maintaining our long tradition of providing outstanding care. Our relationship with our patients often begins before birth and continues through childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. During each step along the way, the center combines the most advanced surgical and therapeutic techniques with respectful and sensitive team care. Because most conditions affect an individual both medically and socially, the team strives to improve the health and physical appearance of our patients while promoting their overall well-being through education and support.