Plan Your Visit

We look forward to seeing you at the UCSF Craniofacial Center!

Each Craniofacial clinic appointment includes multiple visits, so that your child can see all necessary specialists in one day.  Our goal is to provide complete, comprehensive team care for your child.

You should plan on being here most of the day, and you will likely have some waiting time between visits with different providers.   In some cases, part of the appointment will be in the morning and part in the afternoon.   Although this can make for a long day, for most families it is more efficient and easier than going to appointments on different days. Please bring the items that your child will need during the time spent in our clinic, such as snacks, formula and medications.

Please arrive at our check in desk 30 minutes early for registration, and make sure to leave plenty of travel and parking time (Map & Directions).   Traffic into San Francisco can be heavy, so it is important to factor this into your travel plans.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, your child will miss at least one of the visits and may have to return on another day to complete the appointment.

Our craniofacial team looks forward to providing a complete team assessment and the best treatment and support for your child and family.

What you can do to prepare for your appointment:

  • Bring copies of non-UCSF medical records and educational reports, including Individual Education Plan (IEP), Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP), and prior operative reports or genetics evaluations.
  • Bring a CD with any craniofacial x-rays or scans that your child has had.  Please note that we need the images more than the written report, although more information is better than less.
  • Bring a current audio/video speech recording of your young child.
  • Consider bringing a family member or friend along.
  • Write down any signs or symptoms that your child is experiencing.
  • Write down questions to ask.

After your appointment:

If the next steps for you to take are not clear (e.g. do you need to schedule a procedure or an appointment with one of our associated specialists), please ask before leaving. For each appointment, the team will meet to discuss our findings and coordinate our recommendations and plan.  We will send a letter summarizing the visit to you, your pediatrician and any other provider you listed.  Please contact the clinic or individual providers, preferably using MyChart, at any time between visits.